The Spirit of The Sound is a unique vessel due to its hybrid marine variable speed genset, which is powered by an engine using ultra-low-sulfur fuel and battery power. The result is maximum fuel efficiency, reduced engine usage and maintenance, reduced noise and unmatched reliability, dependability and serviceability.

McKay were approached by Derecktor Inc to design and deliver the complex electric works associated with hybrid propulsion. The McKay team, who already had existing expertise in the marine hybrid space, were able to provide full electrical design and engineering for the vessel in addition to the supply of electrical distribution system equipment and switchboards. The full scope of works can be seen below:

McKay – Electrical Design
To provide detail electrical design drawings and cable schedules for;

  1. AC Single Line Diagram.
  2. DC Single Line Diagram.
  3. 24V DC Pilothouse Distribution Panel.
  4. 24V DC Pilothouse Emergency Distribution Panel.
  5. 208V Main Switchboard and Distribution Panel.
  6. Pilothouse Instrument Panel.
  7. 2x Shunt Boxes.

McKay – Switchboards
To construct, test and deliver the following switchboards for the 19m Catamaran

  1. 1x 24V DC Pilothouse Distribution Panel.
  2. 1x 24V DC Pilothouse Emergency Distribution Panel.
  3. 1x 208V Main Switchboard and Distribution Panel.
  4. 1x Pilothouse Instrument Panel.
  5. 2x Shunt Box

Moreover, McKay has vast experience in complete project management, from initial design, right through to installation and maintenance, so we provided Derecktor with supervisory labour for the project – ensuring it was delivered on time and to budget.

The result was an Incat Crowther displacement catamaran design, with a unique maritime application of BAE Systems’ hybrid power system, which needed careful modification to perform in a humid, salty environment. Solar panels on the top deck power the VHF radios. A 30-amp shore plug-in charges a 24-volt battery backup system, which powers computers while the boat is at the Norwalk dock.