MV Cakewalk

This is one example of the numerous vessels McKay has engineered the telemetry systems on. The scope of this work includes;

  • Designed and manufactured all switchboards, motor control centres, distribution boards and control panels.
  • Creating a fully automated main switchboard, allowing automatic generator control and load shedding.
  • Developed and implemented MIMACS (McKay’s Integrated Alarm, Monitoring and Control System) to ensure the safety of all those on board.
  • Worked in unison with other engineering teams to complete construction.
  • Maintain the ability to check and control key parts of the vessel remotely, both from its control room and from our Northland Marine department.
  • Integrate telemetry with the generators and engines that are aboard M.Y. Cakewalk.
  • McKay continues to support this vessel with alarm control monitoring software and telemetry since commissioning her in 2010.

The telemetry systems aboard “Cakewalk” are not just a feat due to the remoteness of its locations, but their variability, meaning that we needed to be sure that we could maintain functionality of the vessel’s communication systems whatever its location. We are able to do this, providing telemetry systems to its generators and main engines, providing remote monitoring when necessary. The scope of this project was extremely large with monitoring for over 2,000 I/P points on-board this vessel. We provided complete marine electrical design, and thanks to our ingenious and meticulous planning along with vigilant maintenance, M.Y. Cakewalk operating with no major failure since it was commissioned in 2010.