Noel Hutchings

Current Position Control Systems Engineer

Location Kawerau

During his career, Noel has held various supervisory positions, including foreman and supervisor, on both large and small projects. This experience has enabled him to develop excellent leadership skills and the ability to effectively manage and motivate multi-disciplined teams to achieve the desired end goals.

Before joining McKay, Noel spent 5 years’ as a EHA design engineer in Taranaki, where he has demonstrated his specialist knowledge in electrical equipment for hazardous area installations. His role also involves working closely with Registered Electrical Inspectors to design and recommend solutions for installations that have failed EHA inspection. Noel’s extensive understanding of regulatory requirements and his ability to relate to inspectors make him a valuable asset in ensuring compliance and safety in hazardous environments.

Apart from his expertise in industrial instrumentation and electrical installations, Noel possesses a strong IT background. He holds an IT degree and has developed a wide range of IT skills, including SQL database and PLC integration, hardware, telemetry, and remote communications. He is also proficient in various programming languages, such as Visual Basic and ladder logic. This diverse skill set allows him to effectively integrate and manage complex analytical and measurement systems, as well as control equipment used in power generation, petrochemical, and dairy sites.

What sets Noel apart is his hands-on background as an instrumentation technician, providing him with a thorough understanding of process measurement systems and calibration accuracy requirements. This practical experience ensures that his solutions are not only technically proficient but also practical and aligned with industry best practices.

Noel’s role and career with McKay have been vital in contributing to the success of the organization. His ability to seamlessly blend his technical expertise with his strong leadership and project management skills has enabled him to make significant contributions to the control systems engineering team. Whether it be managing EHA design projects or implementing integrated IT solutions, Noel consistently delivers high-quality results.

Noel is a highly skilled and experienced control systems engineer with expertise in industrial instrumentation, electrical installations, and IT. His ability to navigate intricate regulatory requirements, provide practical solutions, and effectively lead multi-disciplined teams make him an invaluable asset to the McKay team.