James Hand

Current Position Automation Engineer

Location Whangārei

James Hand - McKay

In addition to his design responsibilities, James also plays a crucial role in engineering and programming control systems for marine and industrial installations. This includes projects such as alarm monitoring, wastewater management, power management, and building controls. His expertise in this area allows him to develop efficient and effective control systems that enhance overall operational efficiency and safety measures.

James understands the importance of thorough commissioning and is dedicated to ensuring that all systems are properly implemented and integrated. He liaises with clients to address any technical issues or challenges that may arise during the commissioning phase, providing prompt solutions and maintaining open communication throughout the process.

Throughout his career at McKay, James has consistently demonstrated his strong problem-solving skills and aptitude for finding innovative solutions. His deep understanding of various programming languages and software packages enables him to provide comprehensive and well-rounded automation solutions for the projects he undertakes.

James’s expertise and experience make him an invaluable member of the electrical design team at McKay. He consistently brings a high level of professionalism, technical competency, and commitment to delivering exceptional results. His contributions have greatly contributed to McKay’s success in providing top-quality automation solutions to clients in various industries.