Herby Barnes

Current Position National Health and Safety Manager

Location Whangārei

Herby Barnes - McKay


  • Advising Managers and Supervisors: Herby advises Managers and Supervisors on legislation and key changes regarding Workplace H&S matters, ensuring compliance with all necessary regulations and standards.
  • Liaising with Regulatory Agencies: Herby liaises with regulatory agencies to ensure compliance with all necessary statutory standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Supporting Managers and Supervisors: Herby supports Managers and Supervisors to meet H&S KPIs by providing guidance and advice as needed.
  • Identifying and Managing Hazards and Risks: Herby identifies and manages hazards and risks across all projects and operations, providing risk reduction planning to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Developing and Implementing H&S Management Plans: Herby develops and implements Health and Safety Management Plans and procedures in line with policies, to ensure that all H&S regulations and standards are met to the highest level.
  • Conducting ICAM Level Investigations: Herby conducts ICAM level investigations to identify root causes and proactively manage potential future incidents.
  • Injury Management: Herby manages in-field injury management and develops Return to Work Plans to ensure employees can effectively recuperate before returning to work.
  • Conducting Field Site Visits: Herby conducts field site visits across all construction project sites and operations to ensure that site-specific H&S management plans are effective and appropriate.
  • Conducting Site H&S Audits and Workplace Inspections: Herby conducts comprehensive site audits and workplace inspections across all construction project sites, branches and operations to ensure McKay’s compliance with H&S regulations and standards.
  • Completing and Maintaining Pre-Qualifications: Herby completes and maintains all pre-qualifications for the business (IMPAC, SiteWise) while keeping up with necessary updates and changes to the qualifications.
  • Conducting Sub-Contractor Pre-Qualification and Performance Reviews: Herby conducts sub-contractor pre-qualification and performance reviews to ensure that all third-party contractors meet the required standards and regulations.


With an impressive career spanning 15 years in the health and safety management sector, Herby joined McKay in April 2022, bringing with him a wealth of experience and expertise. Throughout his journey, Herby has honed his skills and knowledge through continuous professional development. His commitment to growth has led him to undertake various courses, including internal auditing, safety management, and leadership. These invaluable learnings have equipped him with the necessary tools to excel in his role and deliver outstanding results.