Graeme Duffy

Current Position Auckland Regional Manager

Location Auckland

Throughout his career, Graeme has held notable positions such as Design Manager, Production Manager, and General Manager, allowing him to gain a multifaceted perspective on projects. With his comprehensive understanding of different roles and responsibilities within these industries, Graeme possesses a unique ability to approach projects from multiple viewpoints.

Graeme is known for his innovative thinking and commitment to best practices. He consistently brings new ideas to the table and ensures that solution-based results are at the forefront of all business operations. With a proven track record of successfully delivering projects safely, on time, and within budget, Graeme’s expertise is highly valued.

One of Graeme’s key strengths lies in his leadership approach. He prioritizes building the skills and capabilities of individuals and teams under his guidance, providing them with a clear pathway to success. By setting goals and fostering a supportive environment, Graeme empowers his team members to achieve their full potential.

When faced with challenges, Graeme’s approach is hands-on and proactive. He tackles obstacles head-on and ensures that all necessary tools and processes are in place to support his team in overcoming them. Graeme’s dedication to the development of his staff and his commitment to operational excellence make him an invaluable asset to any organization.

As the Auckland Regional Manager, Graeme Duffy brings his wealth of knowledge and expertise to lead the team towards achieving outstanding results. His vast industry experience, strategic thinking, and collaborative leadership style make him an invaluable asset in driving success and realizing the organization’s goals.