Marine Electrification

Hybrid Propulsion

Hybrid propulsion systems combine multiple power sources to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. With a proven track record of successfully delivering hybrid propulsion solutions throughout the United States, our team is well-equipped to provide a comprehensive hybrid solution tailored to your specific needs. By carefully assessing factors such as route characteristics, load requirements, and power demands, we are able to provide an accurate analysis of the potential benefits and savings that can be achieved through the implementation of a hybrid propulsion system. We prioritize effective project management and deliver projects within agreed-upon timelines, with minimal impact on your daily operations.

Electric Propulsion

We offer comprehensive Marine Electrification Services to help you revolutionize your fleet with cutting-edge electric propulsion systems. Our expert team is dedicated to reducing emissions, minimizing costs, and maximizing efficiency, all while embracing sustainable practices. Our Marine Electrification Services begin with a thorough assessment of your fleet's specific requirements and operational needs. We take into account factors such as vessel type, size, and usage patterns to design a customized electrification plan that meets your goals. Our experienced engineers and technicians will oversee the entire conversion process, seamlessly integrating advanced electric technologies, including high-performance batteries and state-of-the-art electric motors. By eliminating reliance on fossil fuels, our Marine Electrification Services can reduce emissions by up to 95%, making a significant impact on environmental sustainability.

On-shore Charging

We understand that a well-functioning on-shore charging infrastructure is pivotal in the design and feasibility of any electric vessel. Our team is committed to assisting you in the process by collaborating with essential providers and infrastructure owners to create and execute a tailored on-shore charging solution that caters to your specific requirements. Determining the feasibility of fully electric vessels for your route and location relies heavily on the efficiency and reliability of the charging infrastructure. With our expertise, we can evaluate your needs comprehensively and guide you in making the right decisions that will optimize the performance and practicality of your electric vessel operations. Through our professional approach, we strive to ensure seamless coordination between all stakeholders involved in implementing the on-shore charging solution. Our services encompass not only the design and planning process but also the practical implementation and ongoing maintenance of the infrastructure. Knowing that every project is unique, we will take into account factors such as power requirements, charging speeds, grid compatibility, and scalability to deliver a bespoke on-shore charging solution that meets your needs efficiently.